Bodegas Fin De Siglo

The Najerilla valley, in the Rioja Alta region, is a landscape marked by the vineyards that spread throughout the area. This is where Bodegas Fin de Siglo is located. A cellar owned by the Perelada Group since early 2014.

In the town of Arenzana de Abajo, local vine growers have succeded to maintain vines that are more than 100 years old. Vines that are totally adapted to its soil and climate conditions.

Bodegas Fin de Siglo is created in 1999 by a small group of families, vine growers of many generations. The main goal was to to take the best out of the old vines of this region. They produce high quality clusters, with small and very concentrated grapes, which allow to make wines with more structure, body and aromas.

Currently, Bodegas Fin de Siglo is a member of Peralada Castle's Wineries Group.


The vineyards hold the essence of Bodegas Fin de Siglo, which owns 45 hectares and has absolute control over 10 hectares more. There grow both red (Garnacha, Tempranillo, Mazuelo) and white varietals (Viura, Malvasía), all of them autochthonous of the DOCa Rioja.

An important number of these vineyards are very old, with some Garnachas being 80 or even more than 100 years old. They produce low yields of selected grapes around 3,500 Kg/ha (the appellation allows up to 6,500 Kg/ha).

Bodegas Fin de Siglo controls the winemaking process from the vineyard to the market: pruning of every plot, vines care, monitoring of the ripening process, selective hand harvesting… Everything to obtain grapes of the highest quality. The whole process is also controlled in the cellar, with a perfect traceability.


Rioja Alta’s climate is Atlantic, and its soils can contain clay, limestone, iron and alluvial sediments. Its microclimate, its smooth topography and its soils make it an ideal place for making and ageing high quality wines. Grapes here result in well-balanced wines, with an attractive colour, elegant aroma, ideal for ageing.

Rioja Alta

Of the three regions that form the DOCa Rioja, Rioja Alta gathers almost half the vineyards of this appellation. It spreads out between the cities of Haro and Logroño, south of the Ebro river, a region where wine has been one of the main economic motors since the XVth Century. This is Rioja’s most historical area, and it has its best vineyards. 

In the area of Rioja Alta, Bodegas Fin de Siglo’s vineyards are located between the towns of Nájera and Arenzana de Abajo, in the Najerilla valley. Najerilla, a tributary of the Ebro river, is the longest and greatest river of La Rioja. Its area is marked both by the centuries-old tradition of winemaking and the pilgrimage route of the Camino de Santiago, which goes through the region.

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