Chateau La Negly

Our philosophy

Several families have succeeded as the managers of the domaine. The Paux-Rosset family is now going to definitively orientate the vineyard towards qualitative production. The cultural method has been modified and the vines have been entirely replanted with new grape varieties. The neighbouring domain Boède has been acquired on a leasing agreement “fermage”.
With the help of our advising oenologist Mr. Claude Gros, the wine-making process will be completely redesigned with one objective; quality.
Together, they bought the Domaine de Boède in 2006 with a third partner, Alain Wittner.

An exceptional terroir

Ideally situated, the terroirs of La Négly and Boède are distinguished by the diversity of their soils. Indeed, Boède has sandy loam and sandstone soil and La Négly had clay limestone soil which gives to the wines produced from these vineyards a broad aromatic palate.
The vineyard stretches over 50 hectares and Boède over 25. In order to enable better use of this vineyard, Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre have taken the place of Aramon, Terret and Carignan Blanc. The harvesting machinery has given up its place to secateurs and crates.
Bastien Paux-Rosset, head of wine growing, operates these re-planted vineyards which stretch over 75 hectares. Sustainable agriculture methods are perfectly adapted to our qualitative exigencies.
Short pruning, low use of fertiliser, frequent labouring of the soil, high trellising around 1.80m, are all quality guarantees.
The 12 permanent employees are all just as passionate as one another, and the most fervent supporters of the wines that we produce.

Passion and know-how

The harvest is completely manual in 10kg crates. Once the grapes are harvested at their optimal ripeness they are brought very quickly to the storage cellar to prevent any oxidation phenomena.
They are sorted, according to the health of the grapes, between 4 and 8 people literally operate on the bunches. Taking turns to discard the grapes that are not ripe enough, those with botrytis or those that are overripe leaving only those that are perfectly healthy.
Sustainable agriculture is a major objective; nothing is left to chance, debudding, leave removal, manual harvests, double sorting at the table, low and well-managed yields.
Our treasures: L’Ancely, La Porte du Ciel, Le Clos des Truffiers.
In order to obtain the best from our wines, these cuvees come from very low yields, around 10 hectolitres per hectare, they are harvested at optimal maturity, sorted grape by grape, vinified in wooden conical vats and finally aged for two years in new wooden barrels. These nectars will be the joy of the most informed taste buds.

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