DAlNCOURT is born of the encounter between a businessman in the spirits industry, a

designer and a producer, united by the same passion for exceptional Cognacs.

Our desire is to highlight the quality of particularly rare cognacs with a decanter that

expresses the elegance and strength of "Hors d'Age eaux-de-vie, in a spirit of authenticity

and French craftsmanship.

The family distillery is established in the heart of the Cognac region since 1848; 7"

generation, which cultivated around 130 hectares of vineyard.

UAINCOURT offers a collection of three prestigious Cognacs that pay homage to the

courage and loyalty demonstrated by French Empire generals, particularly our toretather,

the Marquis de Caulaincourt, Grand Ecuyer" of Napoleon 1st and French Ambassador to

Russia in the 19 th century.

In reference to the war epics of these great men of History, the UAINCOURT blazon is

adorned with the Empire insignia that was worn on their military uniforms.

The character of these three exceptional Cognacs finds further expression in an original

decanter created by the renowned French designer Patrick Norguet, in a masculine,

timeless reinterpretation of the original cognac bottles.

Produced by a French artisan glassmaker, the traditional techniques used by the master

craftsmen ensure that every D'AlNCOURT decanter is unique.

To discover the DAlNOOURT Cognacs Collection is to experience the pure emotion that

a beautiful object can elicit.
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