In the heart of wine-growing Piedmont in the hills of the Langhe Fontanafredda was born: chronicles of the time relate that by order of 17 June 1858″ an area of 138.82 giornate piemontesi (approx. 54 hectares) of the property of Roggeri Giacomo, son of Giovanni Battista in Serralunga dAlba, was registered under the private estate of Vittorio Emanuele II King of Sardinia.

The king, who had fallen hopelessly in love with Rosa Vercellana, also known as La Bela Rusin, a commoner and daughter of a drum major at his majestys service, gave the entire parcel of land to her, making her Countess of Mirafiori and Fontanfredda a year later.
The history of Fontanafredda had begun, but it did not start operating as a business venture until twenty years later, in 1878, thanks to the farsightedness of Emanuele Guerrieri, Count of Mirafiore, son of the king and Bela Rusin, a noble entrepreneur who devoted his life to wine with a very modern approach.

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