La Gerla

La Gerla Winery was born from the passion of its founder, Sergio Rossi, a successful advertising businessman and director of three leading European branches of a well-known agency, for winemaking, who falls in love with this bitter and sweet territory and became a real local who loved his vineyards as if they were his children.
This man, with his mischievous and lively smile, knew how to create a small boat here in Montalcino, where the most advanced technologies are combined with the knowledge of farmers and oenologists to produce excellent products that come from the Tuscan land and become extraordinary thanks to the handiwork of man, who plays a leading role in La Gerla.
The estate, which bore the typical local name of Colombaio, was owned by the Biondi Santi family, who at the time produced one of the best Brunellos in the area. Sergio Rossi bought the land in 1976 and completely rebuilt it to reflect its original habitat. Shortly thereafter, in 1978, he created and sold the La Gerla brand.
In La Gerla, despite great events and numerous changes, great importance is still given to the person and his feelings; listening to that earth every day, respecting its rhythms and catering to its needs. And perhaps for this reason, in recent years, La Gerla has scored highly in the best food and wine guides and in specialist magazines, in addition to accolades from liquor stores and restaurants.
Perhaps each of them, after drinking a glass of Brunello La Gerla or Birba, can feel in the bouquet, in addition to hints of fruit, undergrowth or rosemary, a piece of heart put into it by those who cultivate the land,
Sergio Rossi passed away in July 2011, but his attention to quality and detail, which gave La Gerla wines their own unique character, still guides and guides the philosophy of the company, which was taken over by his wife Donatella Monforte. She is supported by a team of professionals who have worked with her husband for many years and put a lot of effort into taking their rightful place among Tuscan winemakers. Therefore, in wines one can feel not only shades of berries and spices, but also the warmth of the soul of the people who participated in their creation.
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