Los Haroldos

Familia Falasco family has its roots in the wine industry, with almost 80 years of experience. Nowadays, the third generation runs the dream that started in 1939.

It was 1939 when Haroldo Santos Falasco started this great dream. “Don Lolo”, as everyone called him, used to cycle along the streets of Chacabuco, a small city in Buenos Aires.

One day, Haroldo thought big, and the bike he used to deliver wines was suddenly too small for him. Year after year, Don Lolo’s dream was closer to coming true.

His children and grandchildren had a mission, and 70 years later, they could do what at Don Lolo’s time seemed a utopia: continuing the tradition of making high quality wines.

They honored the principles that gave birth to their grandfather’s dream: to be a family business with thousands of projects; keeping the youth, energy and intelligence to adapt to the constant changes occurring in the wine world.

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