Marques de Vargas

                                                 Grupo Vinícola Marqués de Vargas S.L.

             Grupo Vinícola Marqués de Vargas S.L. is a business venture that began in 1989 with the creation of the prestigious winery Bodega Marqués de Vargas, in Rioja. In subsequent years, the Group had acquired Wineries in other highly prestigious regions, and currently has a strong presence in 3 wine regions in Spain. The Group´s wines stand out for their superb balance of traditional values and the most advanced technological artistry of modern oenology.

                                                                Marqués de Vargas

The winery Marqués de Vargas was built in 1989 on the Hacienda Pradolagar Estate in Logroño and was the first project of the Grupo Vinícola Marqués de Vargas.

            The winery, set in the middle of its own vineyards like a chateâu, is located in the heart of the Ebro Valley, in a region known as the Three Marquis.

            The winery has an area of 65 hectares, and is planted with the red varieties Tempranillo, Mazuelo, Graciano and Garnacha. Each is planted on virus-free American base plant and protected from westerly winds. Winery is located in Rioja Alta, to the east of Logroño, where the Tempranillo grape is the most noteworthy.

            With a production level restricted between 4.000 and 5.000 kg. per hectare in order to obtain fruits at their optimum level of acidity, tannic structure and alcohol degree, we exclusively make red Reserva wines. In this winery three premium single vineyard red wines are produced in limited production.

                                                                   Pazo San Mauro

The winery Pazo San Mauro, located in the Denominación de Origen Rias Baixas, was acquired in 2003 by the Grupo Vinícola Marqués de Vargas. Since then, the new owners have invested heavily in both the restoration of its magnificent buildings and the construction of a new wine cellar, with the most advanced technologies for the finest production of wine. In this winery two white wines from the albariño grape are produced and all grapes are grown on the estate owned vineyards.

            The vineyards are located in the Condado do Tea Zone and covers an area of 30 hectares. Condado do Tea - the most southern subregion in Rias Baixas and is therefore very sunny, located in a mountainous area and has a granite-schist soil.

Because of its location the grape ripens 15-20 days earlier, and at the same time has the necessary level of alcohol. During the harvest, a rigorous selection of grapes exclusively from our estate vineyards takes place. They are hand picked in 20 Kg boxes. The average vine age is 30 years.

                                                               Conde  de San Cristobal

Founded in the year 2000, Bodegas y Viñedos del Conde de San Cristóbal S.A. is owned by the Grupo Vinícola Marqués de Vargas and belong to the Denominación de Origen Ribera del Duero.

            The vineyards and winery are located close to Peñafiel on the Pago de Valdestremero Estate, and have an extension of more than 80 hectares.

A limited quantity of high quality red wine is produced with the name Conde de San Cristóbal, exclusively from our own vineyards.

            The philosophy of the Groups newest project is consistent with that of its Rioja and Rias Baixas wines - to produce the highest quality wine, made from grapes grown on estate owned vineyards, in limited production.

This new project gives the Grupo Vinícola Marqués de Vargas a strong presence in the three most prestigious wine growing regions in Spain.

            Ribera del Duero is one of the most prestigious Denomination of Origins in Spain, owing to the reputation of its tempranillo grapeSpains finest indigenous red wine grape.

            Located in the northern plains with the Duero River running through it, the Ribera del Duero region enjoys an extraordinary continental climate, with notable thermal oscillations and moderate rainfall. These climate conditions have a significant influence on the vegetative cycle of the plant and the maturing of the grape.

On the 80 ha. Estate surrounded by long rows of vines of Tinto Fino, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, the viticulture methods are fundamental, since they lay the foundations of the wines, produced exclusively from the grapes grown on the Estate.

The choice of these varietals is based on the analysis of the local soils and climate, and the perfect adaptation to both. Moreover, we considered these grapes to be ideal for the style of wine we were searching for. No herbicides or pesticides are used, only organic fertilizers.

            Production is limited and is dedicated exclusively to premium red wines. During the harvest, a rigorous selection of grapes is essential. Each variety and plot are vinified separately.

New French, Russian and American oak barrels are used for their ageing.

            Total control is maintained along the entire process, from the vine to the bottle, conceived with the intention of achieving the highest degree of quality within a prestigious D.O., as is the Ribera del Duero.

            The result are wines that show great potential for development in the bottle, where their structure and aromas are refined with the passing of time.

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