Poggio Bertaio

Poggio Bertaio

From 1972, a tradition that spans three generations.

Poggio Bertaio is located in Umbria half way between Florence and Rome, in the very heart of Italy.  In the center of Umbria is Lago di Trasimeno, Italy's third largest lake.  The lake is  surrounded by broad plains, that roll up into beautiful hills and mountains.

Poggio Bertaio's vineyards are situated on the hills above Castiglione del Lago, the medieval fortress town on the north shore of Lago del Trasimeno.  It was from these very hills that Hannibal launched his ambush of the Roman legions.

The estates vineyard Poggio Bertaio was born in 1972 when Fabio, father of the current owners, moved from Castelli Romani to Castiglione del Lago and bought the first part of the soils. Here he planted some hectars of vineyards, in order to keep his passion for wine alive.

The two sons grew up and while Ugo dedicated himself to the management of the familys winery, Fabrizio undertook the career of oenologist and cooperated with important estates. The increasing of his success encouraged Fabrizio to take a stab at his own vineyard in order to test different methods and check some ideas with the aim of achieving the ideal wine.

His work was driven by his previous experience. At last, with the vintage 1998 the new cellar was ready and from the winemaking of the grapes of the old vineyards the brothers decided to to make the first bottles of Cimbolo.

The estates vineyard is located at an elevation of 304m (997 ft). It consists of 40 hectars of soil, 20 of which cultivated with grapevine. The vineyards are on the south and the breeding is a cordon spur which has 1600 blocks per hectare in 1972 and 5000 blocks in the new vineyard planted between 1998 and 2004. The grapes yield is 500 kilos per hectare. It is a carbonate-array soil.

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