The De Stefani family has been producing wine in the Veneto region of Italy for five generations. Redentore wines are made with a philosophy that characterizes their way of working: organic and biodynamic principles in viticulture, energy produced by solar panels, vegan principles, winemaking with local yeasts and without the addition of sulphites.
The grapes come from the Piave Valley and the hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, north of Venice. The climate, warm during the day and cool at night, soils rich in clay and minerals, proximity to the Adriatic Sea and the Dolomites (Alps) mountains are key factors that give the wine its fruitiness, freshness and individuality.

Redentore means savior: deliverance from the plague that struck Venice between 1575 and 1577. It resembles one of the most traditional holidays - the Redentore festival. Every third weekend of July, Venetians celebrate their liberation from the plague with spectacular fireworks and sumptuous dinners as the harbor of San Marco fills with boats.
Durability and naturalness:
- Organic and biodynamic principles
In the vineyards, grapes are grown according to organic and biodynamic principles, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and insecticides. The main goal is to create the most favorable environment for the spread of good insects, wild animals and microorganisms in the soil, in order to improve the life of the vineyard. Our own compost is used to improve the life of the soil.
- Without sulfites
The entire vinification process is carried out without the use of sulfites and other preservatives. In an environment without sulfites, the yeast ferments more freely and creates a more delicate and unusual aroma. The wines are bottled without any added sulfites for maximum authenticity and consumer enjoyment.
- Vegan principles
Products of animal origin are not used in the wines, keeping their purity and naturalness at the highest level. Processing and manipulation of grapes and wine is minimal, which guarantees the authenticity, aroma and identity of green energy.
On the roof of the production winery there are 418 solar panels that provide
100% of the electricity needed in the cellar. Green energy for a better environment.
- Local yeast
After many years of research and development, Redentore white wines are made using their own, selected local yeasts. This yeast stamp was discovered in the Kolvendrame estate in Refrontolo, in the hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, and it is this local wild yeast that is used for fermentation to maximize the expression of the terroir.
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