Taurino Cosimo

For seven generations the Taurino family is dedicated spirit of sacrifice, love for the land and passion for growing grapes and producing wine from native grape varieties.

The initial commercial successes were achieved in the thirties of 1900 by the father of Cosimo, with blending wines shipped to the North as an addition to other wines less consistent in color and alcohol.
Later, stubbornness and perseverance of Cosimo Taurino, laid the foundations for the emergence of a truly entrepreneurial processing activities, aging and bottling of its wine production, with Notarpanaro 1970.
He gave, as well, the possibility for these wines, until then only used to improve other products, to express in solitude all the power and pride of the homeland, Salento.
In 1974 there was the great encounter with Severino Garofano, young winemaker with huge potential. Together they decided to make a big bet, create the Patriglione (first vintage 1975). From now on the company's history of Cosimo Taurino it is studded with successes and Italian and foreign awards.
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