Established in 1974, the group is currently the largest producer of French appellation   contrôlée   wine,   as   well   as   number   one   in   the   Côtes   dе Bordeaux. The 500 Tutiac winegrowers pool expertise handed down from generations and state-of-the-art techniques to meet the needs and expectations of today's consumers. The firm is widely considered one of the most dynamic in Bordeaux.
Over  the  years, Les Vignerons de Tutiac have become intimately acquainted with their terroirs, encompassing the Bordeaux, Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux, and Côtes de Bourg appellations. The exact profile of each vineyard plot is clearly defined, and viticulture and winemaking are adapted accordingly. 

This   range   exemplifies   the   spirit   and   know-how   of   Les   Vignerons   de 
Tutiac. The range's logo, the lacewing, symbolises our commitment to 
sustainable development and biodiversity. 

TUTIAC SÉLECTION Bordeaux: these succulent, fruity wines are best enjoyed 
TUTIAC    SÉLECTION  Blaye   Côtes   de   Bordeaux/Côtes   de   Bourg:  wines   with   a   delicate 
touch of oak that reflect the finesse of our terroirs. 
TUTIAC SÉLECTION  Excellence: oak-aged wines that are more round and struc- 
tured. Our signature. 

  TUTIAC  ( key figures ):
- 500 winegrowers
- 70 châteaux 
- 120 employees 
Area: 4,000 hectares 
Production Site