He brought plants from Germany and France in lead capsules in order to avoid having them wilt during their journey through the tropics.

Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir were imported from France, and Riesling and Gewurztraminer from Germany.

Between 1879 and 1883, Francisco Undurraga Vicuna began to plan the winery Project.

A cooper was hired in France to build the casks as well as viticulturis M.Pressac.

The Founder bought the Wood in which the weapons to fight the Pacific War were packed in, from the Chilean Army.The Wood was oak and originated from Bosnia. It was used to make the casks the company started out with.

The Winery

Undurraga has two winemaking cellars, with a total capacity of 23,000,000 litres. One cellar is located at Quinta de Tilcoco in Chile’s 6th region, while the other is on the Santa Ana Estate in Talagante, in Chile’s Metropolitan Region. Both have modern facilities where the fermentation, processing, ageing and bottling processes for Undurraga’s still and sparkling wines take place.The cool antique underground cellars, which date back to the winery’s founding days in the 19th century, provide the perfect environment for ageing our Reserva wines. Thanks to our experienced winemaking team and modern facilities, Undurraga has developed quality wines of international renown, which are able to satisfy a wide range of tastes


Undurraga owns approximately 1,350 hectares of vineyards spread over Chile is best wine producing areas. Our estates are exclusively dedicated to the cultivation and production of the finest wine grapes.The company is vineyards are located in the Maipo Valley (Santa Ana de Talagante estate), Alto Maipo Valley (La Higuera estate), Coastal Maipo Valley (Codigua estate), Colchagua Valley (Colchagua estates), Almahue Valley in Cachapoal (Cerros de Almahue estate), Leyda Valley in San Antonio (Lomas de Leyda estate) and Maule Valley (Cauquenes Estate).Each of these locations has been carefully selected by our viticulture teams based on their suitability for specific varieties. Their uniqu

Production Site