Дегустация вин Де Стефани вместе с владельцем Алессандро Де Стефани

De Stefani wine tasting with owner Alessandro De Stefani

The first mention of the De Stefani family can be found in official documents from 1624. This family comes from the small village of Refrontolo, which is located in Veneto.
In 1866, Valeriano De Stefani founded the family's first vineyards on the estate of Colvedrame and began to produce wines of exceptional personality. A little later, his son, also Valeriano, joined him. They concentrated on finding the best plots of land and the production of wines from dried grapes, preferring the local Marzemino variety. It was then that the concept of the production of De Stefani wines was laid, which can be expressed as "quality without compromise."
Today the winery is managed by the 4th generation of the family, namely Alessandro De Stefani.
On November 23, Alessandro De Stefani visited Ukraine and personally presented all his wines:
- Prosecco Brut Millesimato Valdobbiadene
- Rosé 0.15 Millesimato Brut
- Pinot Grigio
- Olmera
- Cabernet Sauvignon
- Venice
- Soler Rosso
- Creda
- Malanotte (Raboso)
- Stephen 1624
- Refrontolo Passito

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