Новые вина от Castillo Perelada.

New wines from Castillo Perelada.


June 9 at the restaurant "Bassano" took place the wine tasting of Spanish wines from new wineries that belong to Castillo Perelada.

Perelada Group, which is primarily known for their quality of wines from Catalonia surprised  the wine connoisseurs for its new projects from Rioja Alta and Andalusia (Ronda).

The wine XIII Lunas Crianza from Bodegas Fin De Siglo from Rioja Alta is made on the basis of Garnacha, which is not typical for its region. It is aged in a barrel during 13 lunar cycles, this is equal to 1 year. Because the moon 13 times around the earth turns for a year

And all the wines from La Melonera producer in the Andalusia region are produced in limited quantities and from autochthonous grape varieties.

P.S. We also have not forgotten about the amateurs sweet and complemented our portfolio of sparkling wine Cava Dulce

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