Урожай De Stefani 2015

Harvest De Stefani 2015


           “The vintage 2015 represents the framework of a qualitatively perfect vintage, a stellar vintage!” says satisfied Alessandro De Stefani. Thanks to a rainy winter, the vines "woke up" in a mild spring, with a good supply of water. Budding was anticipated since last year, as well as the flowering began after the middle of May, which was followed by an excellent fruit set. The weather pattern characterized by a spring that has alternated heavy rainfalls in sunny and windy days, allowed an acceleration of the growth of the bunches between June and July. The strong hot registered in the subsequent months of July and August has arrested the growth of plants and the rains arrived with a perfect periodicity.

            The grapes riped in perfect balance condition, capable of expressing wines with an extraordinary aromatic wealth also thanks to strong temperature range of the last days before harvest. The elements that have characterized this vintage were: the strong difference of temperature, mild during the day and cool at night and the hot summer, mitigated by beneficial rains and consequent drop in temperature. Conditions that have established a very positive path of ripening of the grapes, with swollen and thick skins berries, generous sugar content and abundant accumulation of aromatic and polyphenolic substances.

            The harvest began in the second half of August and we harvested completely healthy grapes, with beautiful and firm skin, so that we forecast a production of rich in color and texture wines. The white wines are fragrant, with strong skeleton, good balance of acidity and good alcohol, finesse and sharp freshness. Prosecco reveals delicate scents of citrus and vegetal and floral notes with a lively acidity well balanced with soft parts of the wine. The red wines show great colors with an excellent olfactory bouquet. They are harmonious and elegant, rich in texture, with a complex bouquet and a long aging potential. The vintage 2015 is one of the best in the history of the De Stefani winery, as well for white and red wines. Wines to be enjoyed now, but for those with patience, wines to be stored in the cellars and taste even in a few years, to discover the complexity and harmony that only time will.

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